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Outreach Connect Group (OCG) is a start-up Washington State 501c(3) tax exempt non-profit founded in January 2002. Our mission is to better the lives of disadvantaged communities by providing access to and education of information and communicative technology. Our vision is to foster social involvement, provide the means to gain educational and job advancement and to teach users how to enrich their lives through technology.

Almost every individual living in a disadvantaged community could benefit from access and education of technology. However, what we have concluded through research is that, in most cases, the education and technology provided is outdated, unavailable or irrelevant. In order to truly benefit someoneís life, the technology and education have to be current, relevant and available. Additionally, the different needs of the community need to be addressed such as language, age and physical limitations.


You are an immigrant brand new to this country with very little job skills. You feel the pressure and intimidation of your limited English preventing you from getting a good paying job. You do not have the knowledge of how to leverage grants and public help to improve your situation.

You are a low-income senior with all of your family out-of-state and no friends in your immediate geographic area. Television has become your family. With no social activity, new challenges or stimulation you feel yourself deteriorating. Your expectancy for prolonged independent living is poor.

You are a young child living in a low-income environment. Your family cannot afford a computer, Internet connection or higher education. You feel your choices are limited for a successful life.

Now imagine the technology and education that could change all of these outcomes. That could breathe life and hope into a senior citizen, provide the educational tools and avenue for building strong job careers and provide unlimited possibilities for a growing child.

Imagination becomes reality with Outreach Connect Groupís Outreach Connect Program.

Mariposa Apartments new CTLC setup and launch completed!

OCG was recently awarded the Mariposa Apartments in Federal Way, WA to expand our program and establish their first Computer Training and Learning Center (CTLC). Mariposa proptery represents the second location to implement the full CTLC technology platform. OCG has 7-10 additional properties qualified and apprroved for our programs and services and anxiously awaiting implementation!

Visit the Photo Gallery for the Mariposa Apartments CTLC - Click Here

Microsoft Unlimited Potential Training Curriculum has been awarded to Outreach Connect Group and our Trainers!

Outreach Connect Group has received support from Microsoft to expand their new and exciting Unlimited Potential Training curriculum to existing and planned HUD Network Neighborhood locations supported by OCG. Low-income and disadvantaged community residents will have access to certifiable training and higher-learning for employability and job advancement objectives. Unlimited Potential courseware from Microsoft is tailored specifically to Computer Training and Learning Centers (CTLC's) such as those that OCG manages and provides support. These CTLC's include both HUD Network Neighborhood particpating locations, as well as those OCG has privately established and manage.

Full Upgrade to Parkside Apartments CTLC COMPLETED! - 03/14/05

OCG's first official partnering low-income community site was the Parkside Apartments in South Everett, Washington. OCG upgraded their CTLC with all new custom-built computer systems, fully loaded with the most current operating systems and applications! Additionally, OCG upgraded the network to include a load-balancing firewall service that will allow future capacity growth by load-balancing multiple Internet broadband connections for more throughput.

Through the installation of new computer systems and executing our full Technology platform design for the CTLC's, we are able to recover failing or dysfunctional systems in approximately 2-1/2 minutes! This new CTLC site and systems design will set "THE EXAMPLE" and lead the way for future CTLC's from OCG and others to operate as efficiently and intelligently as this one!

Visit the Photo Gallery for Parkside - Click Here

Outreach Connect Group makes front page news!

Outreach Connect Group partners with Parkside Apartments to bring technology and education to low-income residents. Click Here for full story from the Everett Herald

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